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The impact of technology in the advancement of education

Technology in education can help students to learn more interactively, along with the collaborative advantage. There are a lot of advantages to having technology in education because it improves your engagement with the course material. Therefore, technology in education increases the practical work of education, which increases the student’s ability to learn.

Not only for students, but technology has also enabled teachers to gain more information and deliver better lectures.

In this modern world, technology has become important to both students and teachers because of the demands and advantages.

In this article we will discuss some of the effects of technology on the promotion of education:

1. It breaks the boundaries of learning

Because of technology, learning has no limitations, as there is no wall around the resources to be learned in training. Instructions published on the Internet are extensive, and most topics can be covered by this resource.

Students can learn in the classroom, but the material they learn is very limited because a single teacher may not be able to cover every aspect of the subject. On the Internet, you can read blogs, updates, research, and scholars.

A student can also share what he or she is learning with his or her classmates, and in this way, the discussion with the help of the Internet can help you to make your concepts clearer, clearer, and stronger.

2. Technology increases the teaching techniques

Technology is changing not only access to information but also the way it is conveyed. For example, years ago, teachers held a book in their hands and wrote the lectures on the blackboard to feed the students, but now the time has changed, as teachers have access to projectors and other multimedia devices to deliver the content better.

With these electronic devices, teachers can improve students’ “understanding, such as solving the programming question in real-time, which can be shown to students via a projector.

For most educational institutions, it is a trend to display the results and some other resources via the Internet platform. Various management tools are available for this purpose, in particular for the creation of a performance system, a fee system, an examination system, and other process features.

3. Technology enables higher education to the students

Not every city, not even a country, offers the subject that might be a wish for a student. If a new programming language or a similar course comes onto the market, the benefits of this course may force you to study it. Unfortunately, it can take years to fully spread throughout the world and in this respect, your country may not be able to offer the course.

The technology has given these students the flexibility and accessibility to use their online portal to receive training from foreign universities. Harvard University is offering its course online for students who want to study at home or in their country at lower prices.

4. Online education

In the recent pandemic, most educational establishments were closed due to closure and security reasons. However, technology is gaining and enabling institutions to run online courses to continue education and save student’s time. Online education has been possible in many ways, including lectures via the video interface, the learning management system, and unlimited resources.

Besides, online training was also included in the examination with the help of portals assigned by the institutes.

The online courses offered online also offer you the advantage of learning from a professional. If you want the lectures or want to ask the questions of the famous teacher who gives the training at another university, then you can take the lectures online.

Several online tools offer online education platforms, some of which are mentioned below:

·      Google Classroom

Google Classroom has is an online platform from Google that helps a classroom continue its educational activities. On Google Classroom, the teacher can publish the task along with the expiration date and other information to a specific class or even certain students.

However, students can fill out the task and post it in their class in the Google classroom, where teachers can see the attachments and assign the number, while the teacher can generate the results of the students in the Google classroom.

·      Microsoft Meet

This is yet another platform that can be used for meetings, collaborations, and other video conferences. Microsoft Meeting allows the user to communicate via video conferencing, but it also allows students to upload and analyses the assignment, which is also beneficial for teachers.

5. Online calculator

One of the biggest advancement in education due to technology is online calculators. There was a time when you had to make an effort to perform a mathematical or physical equation, which is also a time-consuming activity. However, the time has changed since online calculators brought the revolution for students.

Students can use the online calculator for any calculation that would be done quickly and instantly. For example, the standard form calculator can help you convert a number into scientific or engineering notation with a single click. Likewise, you can use the online calculators to find it if you want to find a factoring, measurement, or other equation. Not only the mathematics or physics, but numerous calculators are also available for biological, statistics, chemical, and other subject’s calculations.


The progress in education due to technology is enormous, as any new technology becomes indispensable for students and teachers. In the old culture, notebooks were used to record the lectures in which one has to write, but now laptops and tablets have enabled students to record the lectures by video, voice, or even by typing, which can be shared or accessible.

There was a time when people had to travel miles to attend a seminar, conference, or library, but now they can access the conference’s presence via their electronic devices. Moreover, the Internet has enabled students to use online resources instead of traveling to other areas to read books in the library.

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